I Work With Individuals

Do you feel lost, confused, or overwhelmed?  

Have you had things happen to you which are now causing you pain and despair?

I can help provide you with...

  • relief, clarity, and direction
  • increased self-worth and a sense of purpose in the world
  • a solid therapeutic relationship, essential for trust and exploration
  • the challenge to go deeper
  • your safe space necessary to release, heal, and grow
  • the confidence and self-attainment to flourish in your life


I Work With Couples

Couples can unexpectedly run into issues which affect the overall fluidity of the relationship. Often in couple relationships, individual transparency, effective communication, and personal needs can easily become masked and turned into anger, avoidance, and apathy by one or both partners in the relationship. This can take the form of arguments, infidelity, and intimacy issues.

I help provide you and your partner...

  • a safe and constructive environment to fully explore the trouble areas of your relationship
  • a place to unmask each of your individual needs and learn the necessary tools to work together
  • a relationship which can be a source of meaning and fulfillment in your lives as it continues to grow


I work with families

As families can be defined in many ways, I work with families of any arrangement from persons 18+ years.  In a family, it is often difficult to recognize the relationship dynamics which may be affecting each member differently as well as the whole of the unit, often resulting in distress of one or more of its members.

I can help provide your family...

  • a neutral and productive environment to distinguish your individual concerns
  • to gain awareness of other members' needs
  • to discover the various dynamics within your family unit
  • to enjoy each other in improved ways and learn to function as a solid unit
  • overall enhance your family as a whole

My specialty areas

Childhood Trauma
Grief and Loss
Life Transitions
Open Relationships
Post-partum Issues
Sexual Issues
Suicidal Ideations

What to expect

Therapeutic sessions are...

  • typically 50-60 minutes long
  • once a week
  • typically at the same time every week to help with scheduling and consistent therapy
  • continued as long as you need them to - everyone progresses at various rates
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much
— Helen Keller